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Okay, so this is a rant that was long in the making, but at the same time, it's something that ehhhhh...

One major point about me: I am HORRIBLY body conscious. There are many times I don't post pictures of myself on my FB page because I am that body conscious. Try to make adjustments as I may, there are far too many days where I look in the mirror and hate what looks back. That's just a reality I have to work around. As such, I KNOW I put myself out there when I go to a convention in a costume. People will look at you, they will judge you, what you look like, and the kind of person they think you are, JUST from seeing you in your costume, and the choices you made in how to wear that costume.

That alone sounds pretty messed up to some extent, right? To have your entire person judged on a garment you chose to wear for a day. Hell, people do that to you when you're in everyday clothes, I'm sure... doesn't make it any less messed up.

So, lemme just say, there's a fair and reasonable way to approach a person in a costume, more so if they are wearing something that you feel is poorly made or they don't have the body for: say nothing. I'm not saying to not have an opinion, because that's pretty much impossible to do; it's freaking impossible to not form some kind of impression of someone, be it more in depth or just the first passing thought you have upon seeing something. What I'm saying is that the person you've postulated some notion of doesn't need to know about it, especially if it's something negative (and even more so if it's something negative about something that can't be changed overnight, like their weight or skin color).

Just don't. I know cosplay is an art, and people will critique art, but critiquing a drawing that was done in a week, and critiquing a costume that took months of work are two different things. And odds are, the person that made the costume already knows where they messed up. Shit, they have to WEAR the damn thing, I'm sure that alone tells them where they can make improvements. It's something that has always bugged me to see, when people say things like "This isn't accurate" or "You're not the right weight/age/skin color for this character"... Believe it or not, a lot of people take artistic liberties with costumes to better fit them, as a person. For example, I've never liked showing my stomach much. The Amazon costume, though the tummy was out, was covered in necklaces... that's as saucy as it gets. I'm heavier, and I know my limits, and showing the tummy nowadays is just out of the question. I want to cosplay Sivir, from LoL, but her tummy is showing. GUESS WHO'S ADDING A MODESTY COVER ON THE STOMACH? :V. And the skin thing... don't even get me started. Don't ever tell someone their skin is the wrong color. They are the color they are fucking supposed to be, and their ethnicity isn't some cosplay prop they could alter and choose.

I think that's enough rambling from me. This minor ranty-ness brought to you by a less welcoming cosplay community. Seriously, with the rise of cosplay pages on FB, I've noticed a lot of people forgetting that these cosplayers are still people, and there are just some courtesies we should still grant each other, as people.
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Id appreciate your input if you want?
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